In June, our Domain has the pleasure to participate in a major exhibition of the Alsatian vineyard. We explain you!

From June 7 to 9, the fifth edition of the Millésimes Alsace trade fair, reserved for professionals, will take place. A special year requires a special format: the exhibition becomes the first virtual show organized by a vineyard with the possibility of real tastings.
Bringing together 100 Alsatian winemakers and 400 wines, this trade fair will allow you to receive free samples and to taste them during a virtual meeting with the winemaker.

On this occasion, we will propose you to taste:

Riesling Kastelberg 2018

Fruity nose, marked by the race and purity of the terroir. In the mouth, frank vertical structure, great clarity, superb balance between a persistent body and a beautiful race.

Riesling Moenchberg 2017

Fruity nose typical of Riesling with fossil aromas. In the mouth, we find fossils, a full and nervous body that ends on a beautiful minerality.

Riesling Wiebelsberg 2014

Floral nose of great finesse, in the mouth, a superb delicate material in lace, very long persistence supported by a minerality of Vosges sandstone.

Gewurztraminer Moenchberg 2018

Spicy nose typical of Gewurztraminer, in the mouth, we find these spices and a superb fat body, velvety balanced by a beautiful minerality in lace of the fossilized sandstone of the Mont Sainte-Odile.

So if you want to discover my wines and to meet me, register here before May 2nd!